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Show FAQ

Why do I need to Create a Company Profile?

Your profile contains your Company information. Once your profile is approved, you can register for all shows you wish to attend, no more registering for each show. You can edit your profile at any time. If your documents have an expiration date, you must upload a new document.

Why Do I need to Register Online?

Online Registration is the BEST OPTION! This feature allows you to register for all shows in advance. Once approved, your badges will be available to pick up at the Pre-Registration Desk.

What are the registration requirements?

To be qualified as a Buyer you must to provide a Tax Certificate or Sales and Use Tax Permit in the Jewelry, Gem or Minerals related businesses to prove you can purchase wholesale goods.

International Buyers must provide a passport and proof of business.

 ***Employee Identification Numbers (EIN) documents are NOT accepted***

Is there a cost to attend?

There is no cost to attend as a qualified Buyer.

When emailing your Tax Certificate or Sales and Use Tax Permit, the information must match your registration.  Registrations will be in a pending status until the proper documents are received.

***Employee Identification Numbers (EIN) documents are NOT accepted***

How will I know that I am registered?

Once you have completed your profile and the profile is approved, you will receive an email to log back into the registration site to begin your registration.

If you have questions, please call 601-879-8832 or email

How do I make changes to my existing registration?

To make changes to your registration click here and log into your profile.  Click view profile, enter your changes and click submit.

Should I bring copies of my Sales Tax ID/Sales and Use Tax Permit to the show?

Yes; it’s suggested that you bring at least 10 copies of your documents with you to the show.

Keep in mind exhibitors may require a copy with your purchase.

What if I haven’t received a confirmation after registering?

Contact G&LW Gem Show staff at 601-879-8832 or email

What if I have more than 6 people to register for my company?

A maximum of 6 badges are allowed per company. Please contact G&LW registration office at 601-879-8832 to discuss your request.

When will  I receive my badges?

Badges will be available for pick up at the pre-registration desk. Any changes to buyer or guest names after badges have been printed will need to be updated at the onsite pre-registration desk.

Lanyards and badge holders will be available at the registration desk.

Are children allowed in the shows?

Although children are not refused entry, G&LW shows are organized for business to business activity and are not suitable for children. The use of strollers is strictly prohibited.

What are the Show floor restrictions?

No camera/video recorders at any time unless approved by G&LW
No smoking or using e-cigarettes is allowed
No storage is available on-site
Only service animals are allowed at G&LW Shows
Unauthorized duplication of the attendee badge will ban you from G&LW Shows.

I am interested in exhibiting at a Gem Show, who do I contact?

Contact G&LW by phone at 601-879-8832 or email at

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